The Ultimate Guide to WhatsApp Marketing Strategies

Mastering WhatsApp Marketing: Your Comprehensive Strategy Guide for Online Success

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WhatsApp Marketing: A Crucial Avenue for Cross-Border Revenue Generation

In today's dynamic business landscape, the importance of WhatsApp marketing cannot be overstated. It has emerged as a pivotal channel, especially when targeting cross-border markets. This platform, known for its global reach and interactive features, provides a unique opportunity for businesses to tap into diverse markets and unlock revenue streams.

At the core of WhatsApp marketing's significance lies its unparalleled ability to connect businesses with consumers across borders. With over two billion monthly active users worldwide, WhatsApp serves as a virtual bridge that transcends geographical boundaries. Leveraging this massive user base becomes essential for businesses eyeing international expansion and seeking viable avenues for revenue generation.

2022 Global Social Media Platform User Statistics: WhatsApp ranks third in the world in terms of user numbers.

01.One of the key advantages of WhatsApp marketing in the realm of cross-border trade is its cost-effectiveness.

Customized communication: By sending messages to a wide audience, you can connect with customers on a personal level. This helps to keep them informed about updates, notifications, and promotions, leading to increased customer engagement and response rates.

Traditional methods of international marketing often come with hefty price tags, but WhatsApp offers a budget-friendly alternative. By creating engaging and personalized content, businesses can establish direct communication channels with potential customers, eliminating the need for expensive intermediaries.

Moreover, WhatsApp's real-time messaging capabilities provide businesses with a direct and immediate connection to their audience. This instant communication fosters a sense of trust and responsiveness, crucial elements in cross-border transactions. Customers appreciate the transparency and accessibility that WhatsApp offers, creating a conducive environment for establishing lasting international relationships.

The versatility of WhatsApp marketing extends beyond text-based messages. Businesses can harness multimedia features to showcase their products or services creatively. From product demonstrations to virtual tours, WhatsApp allows companies to convey their value propositions in ways that resonate with diverse cultural preferences. This adaptability becomes invaluable when navigating the nuances of international markets.

To succeed in cross-border WhatsApp marketing, a strategic approach is essential. Understanding the local market dynamics, cultural nuances, and consumer behaviors is crucial for crafting messages that resonate. This is where the SWOT analysis comes into play. By conducting a comprehensive assessment of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats, businesses can tailor their WhatsApp marketing strategies to align with international market demands.

WhatsApp marketing is widespread globally."

Strengths could involve showcasing unique product features or leveraging a strong brand reputation. Weaknesses might be areas that need improvement, such as addressing language barriers or refining product quality. Opportunities lie in market trends and consumer preferences that can be capitalized on, while Threats involve anticipating and mitigating challenges

02.Successful WhatsApp Marketing Case Studies

International consumer goods company Unilever achieved remarkable success with their WhatsApp marketing initiative. They strategically placed thousands of posters with WhatsApp numbers across various locations. By the end of the campaign, a staggering 290,000 messages were sent and received. The company experienced a whopping 14-fold increase in sales during this period.

Hellman's WhatsCook campaign demonstrated the power of interactive experiences in WhatsApp marketing. Engaging customers in a unique way, the campaign garnered attention from over 5 million people. The associated website witnessed an impressive user registration rate of 50%, showcasing the effectiveness of WhatsApp as a dynamic marketing platform.

Advantages of WhatsApp Marketing

01.Cost-Effective Messaging:

Sending messages through WhatsApp is free, making it a low-cost option for communication.

02.1-on-1 Real-Time Communication:

Engage in direct, real-time communication with customers. WhatsApp supports direct product promotion, group management, and personalized services, acting as a reservoir of customer resources.

03.High User Engagement:

WhatsApp boasts high user activity. While email marketing has an open rate of around 35%-40%, WhatsApp, similar to WeChat, achieves an almost 100% delivery rate and an average open rate of 98%. Messages are delivered and can be received even when the user is offline, making it one of the most efficient communication channels.

04.Interactive Messaging:

Unlike the visual-heavy format of emails, WhatsApp allows for interactive communication through chat and even video interactions. This fosters faster and more direct information exchange, enhancing communication with customers.

05.No Friend Verification Required:

Adding contacts on WhatsApp is hassle-free; knowing a customer's phone number is sufficient (provided they have a WhatsApp account). This allows unlimited real-time contact, assuming the customer hasn't blocked you, providing significant convenience for promotions.

06.Group Messaging and Contact Search:

WhatsApp supports group messaging and enables batch searching for contact details, facilitating efficient outreach efforts.

Crafting Effective WhatsApp Marketing Strategies and Techniques

01.Define Your Marketing Goals and Products:

Before diving into WhatsApp marketing, clarify your marketing objectives and product positioning. Understand the features of the product or service you are promoting, ensuring alignment between your goals and product characteristics.

02.Conduct a SWOT Analysis on WhatsApp marketing:

Perform a thorough SWOT analysis to understand your current position in the WhatsApp market:


  • Product Features: Advantages over competing brands.
  • Brand Recognition: Enhancing corporate image and boosting product sales.
  • Brand Recognition: Enhancing corporate image and boosting product sales.
  • Channel Advantage: Ensuring smooth sales channels.


  • Insufficient Brand Awareness: Improving image to enhance sales.
  • Product Quality Issues: Enhancing quality to meet consumer demands.
  • Sales Channel Problems: Optimizing channels for smooth sales.


  • Understanding market demands, adjusting product pricing and positioning.
  • Innovating promotional methods to increase product awareness.
  • Strengthening service quality to enhance consumer satisfaction.


  • Fierce Market Competition: Adapting to market competition to solidify brand position.
  • Unfavorable Environmental Factors: Monitoring environmental changes, adjusting strategies to reduce risks.
SWOT Analysis on WhatsApp marketing

03.WhatsApp Marketing Positioning Strategies:

  • Utilize WhatsApp features to enhance the showcase of product features, attracting target audiences.
  • Establish a brand community through WhatsApp groups to enhance brand awareness.
  • Innovate promotional methods, such as exclusive WhatsApp coupons, to attract user participation.
  • Provide high-quality after-sales service, responding quickly to consumer questions and feedback via WhatsApp.
  • Utilize WhatsApp status updates to release product information and maintain interaction with users.

04.WhatsApp Marketing Scripts:

  • × Ineffective Marketing Script

WAPlus SCRM offers message templates for easy and quick use of commonly used messages. This saves you time and effort while ensuring consistency and accuracy in your message content. Message templates simplify marketing by enabling easy sending of greetings, thank-you letters, confirmations, and other messages.

Salesperson: "I'm calling today just to confirm if you received the information."

Customer: "Yes, I got it, thank you."

Salesperson: "Is there anything unclear?"

Customer: "No, thanks."

Salesperson: "Well then, let's stay in touch. If you need anything in the future, feel free to contact me!"

Customer: "Sure, definitely!"

  • √ Effective Marketing Script

Setting clear goals for the call is crucial. In the previous example, besides confirming if the customer received the information, it's essential to ask more questions to gather additional information.

For instance: "How do you see this issue?" "Is it helpful?" "Where do you find it most beneficial?" "What would be your recommendation for our next steps?" "Why?" and so on. Follow up on the call by connecting the key points and outcomes of this call with the previous one. Prompt the customer to recall the previous discussion points, such as commitments made by both parties. Additionally, state the purpose of this call.

When making follow-up calls to customers, it's beneficial to offer something new and valuable. Provide information that adds value to each conversation. For example, share details about your company's latest products, schedule a callback with the customer, update them on any changes in their business during this period, or confirm pricing details.

Avoid vague statements like, "I think I should give you a call..." and aim to provide tangible value after each conversation.

Highly Practical Tips for WhatsApp Marketing

01.What to Do If You Can't Receive Verification Code When Registering WhatsApp?

Sometimes, you might not receive the verification code. In such cases, try opting for the voice option. If it still doesn't work, attempt daily, as WhatsApp's code reception can be a bit unstable. (Another method is to use a foreign phone number, but this comes with risks and is not highly recommended).

!Note: After registering a new account, it's crucial to nurture it. During the nurturing phase, avoid sending a large number of messages, creating or joining numerous groups in a short period. Engage in normal conversations with friends, avoid marketing initially, add a few acquaintances, send daily messages, stay logged in, regularly update status, post updates, and interact within groups. Keep the account active for 1-2 weeks to establish it as an officially recognized and active WhatsApp account.

WaPlus makes managing your WhatsApp accounts more convenient than ever.add your accounts mutually, use WaPlus's custom labels to categorize, and manage your accounts effectively, ensuring smooth nurturing of your accounts.

Visual Guide to WAPlus CRM Operations

02.How to Recall Messages on WhatsApp?

Sent the wrong message to a client's phone? Similar to WeChat in China, WhatsApp also has a recall feature. To delete a message, press and hold the message you want to delete, then select "Delete." This removes the message, making it unseen. In WhatsApp, "Delete" equals "Recall."

Incorporate WAPlus's reminder feature to create notifications, preventing the sending of erroneous messages.

03.Understanding the Checkmarks on WhatsApp

A single light grey checkmark = Message sent (may not be received by the recipient).

Two light grey checkmarks = Message sent and received by the recipient (not necessarily viewed).

Two blue checkmarks = Message sent, received, and viewed by the recipient.

To hide whether you've read a message, go to WhatsApp settings, navigate to Settings > Account > Privacy > Read Receipts, and turn off the option.You could manage message statuses through WAPlus settings, ensuring privacy and an enhanced user experience.

04.How to Mention Someone in a WhatsApp Group?

The first method is to press and hold the person's message, then select the reply button. The second method is similar to mentioning someone in a WeChat group: type "@" in the message input box, and a member list will appear. Choose the person you want to mention.

A tip:Streamline message mentions and communication using WAPlus's group management features.

05.Logging into Multiple WhatsApp Accounts on the Web

WhatsApp now allows users to log into two accounts simultaneously on Android devices. This feature makes it easy to switch between two accounts (e.g., work and personal) without the need to log out each time or use two phones. Additionally, third-party tools enable logging into two WhatsApp accounts on a computer, allowing you to use up to four accounts simultaneously.

And on desktop, leverage third-party tools via WAPlus CRM to log into multiple WhatsApp accounts, boosting efficiency.

06.Tips for Finding a Large Number of Customers

  • Search for WhatsApp groups related to specific countries or regions on Google and try adding them. WhatsApp groups often allow entry without verification, making it user-friendly.
  • Utilize Google Maps to find companies and businesses that usually leave contact numbers. Companies listed on Google Maps are verified through legal identification and phone numbers, providing a reliable source of contact information.
  • Social Media: Platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are excellent sources for finding phone numbers. Regular users may come across shared WhatsApp accounts or group details.

And WAPlus CRM provides you with a series of whatsapp group links.

  • Participate in trade shows to gather numerous business cards. Business cards usually contain contact numbers, offering an excellent source for customer contacts. While not a frequent practice, exhibitors with the opportunity can use WhatsApp to follow up, making it a valuable method.
  • Explore paid software solutions offering various functionalities such as searching, verification, and bulk messaging. Investigate these options if feasible.Harness WaPlus's labeling and group features for efficient management and communication with potential clients.

In summary, WhatsApp marketing has become a potent strategy in the ever-evolving realm of digital advertising. With its vast global user base and multifaceted features, businesses have a unique opportunity to establish direct and personalized connections with their audience. The cost-effectiveness of WhatsApp marketing, coupled with the potential for instant communication, positions it as a valuable tool for enterprises of varying sizes.

However, the success of WhatsApp marketing hinges on a strategic and respectful approach. Balancing promotional content with meaningful interactions enables businesses to foster closer relationships with their customers. Additionally, understanding the platform's policies and leveraging innovative features can further enhance the effectiveness of WhatsApp marketing campaigns.

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