Sending unlimited messages on WhatsApp Broadcast to make marketing work better!

Maximizing Outreach: A Guide to Sending Messages to Unlimited Customers on whatsapp

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In the foreign trade industry, communicating and staying in touch with customers is super important. WhatsApp's broadcast messaging feature is like an incredibly handy tool for people who do marketing in foreign trade. It helps them quickly spread the word about products and services, make their brand more well-known, and keep customers loyal.

But just using the WhatsApp broadcast feature isn't enough. Foreign trade marketers should utilize the broadcast feature and create personalized marketing strategies to enhance their marketing efforts.

So, how can you manage and send unlimited messages on WhatsApp in a smart way to make marketing work even better?

The answer is in the awesome features of WAPlus SCRM.

how can you manage and send messages on WhatsApp in a smart way to make marketing work even better?

Why choose to use broadcast messages on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp has become one of the most popular and widely used instant messaging applications worldwide, with billions of users. Using WhatsApp for marketing is crucial for businesses to attract their target audience, raise brand awareness, and boost sales. The broadcast message feature can help you manage and send WhatsApp messages more efficiently, offering the following advantages:

The broadcast message feature can help you manage and send WhatsApp messages more efficiently
  • Broadcast messaging allows you to send one message to many contacts or groups, saving time and effort.
  • Customized communication: By sending messages to a wide audience, you can connect with customers on a personal level. This helps to keep them informed about updates, notifications, and promotions, leading to increased customer engagement and response rates.
  • Send messages easily and quickly with WAPlus SCRM. No more manual copying and pasting or adding contacts, saving time and making communication more efficient.

How to determine when you need to use broadcast messages?

Broadcast messages are suitable for many scenarios, especially in the following situations:

  • Use broadcast messages to quickly share important information with a large audience. This is especially useful when running product promotions, special offers, or marketing campaigns.
  • Use broadcast messages to quickly send important notifications, change announcements, or urgent reminders to your customers.
  • The broadcast message feature helps deliver your messages on time and improves information delivery. Regular updates, news, or industry updates are useful for your customers.

Utilizing WAPlus SCRM for customized mass messaging to enhance marketing effectiveness

WAPlus SCRM has many features for personalized mass messaging, helping you send better content to improve marketing results.

  • Stunning Images

With WAPlus SCRM, you can easily send stunning product images to capture the attention of your target audience. You can generate interest in your products by showcasing their appearance, functionality, and unique features. You can achieve this by demonstrating how your products look, what they can do, and what sets them apart.

  • High-Quality Videos

Videos are a highly engaging and interactive form of media. With WAPlus SCRM, you can send good videos to show how to use a product, highlight features, or share brand stories. Using videos to share information helps show the worth of your products and build a stronger bond with customers.

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  • Message Templates

WAPlus SCRM offers message templates for easy and quick use of commonly used messages. This saves you time and effort while ensuring consistency and accuracy in your message content. Message templates simplify marketing by enabling easy sending of greetings, thank-you letters, confirmations, and other messages.

how to create your message templates with WAPlus

Universal Templates

Personalization and creativity are crucial for sending WhatsApp broadcast messages to marketing personnel. You can adjust these basic message templates for different situations and personalize them as needed.

· Greetings template:

"Hello! I'm [Your Name] representing [Company Name]. We specialize in providing efficient digital marketing solutions. I would like to share some information about our latest products and services with you."

· New product introduction template:

"We are excited to introduce our latest product! [Product Name] is a [Product Description] that can help you achieve [Problem-solving/Goal]. Please click the link to learn more: [Product Link]"

· Promotional campaign template:

"We are running a limited-time promotional campaign! Purchase our [Product/Service] and enjoy [Discount/Offer]. This is a rare opportunity, and we hope you can seize it. Please click the link for more details: [Promotion Campaign Link]"

· Industry insights template:

"As a marketing professional, you must be interested in the latest trends and insights in our industry. I would like to share an article about [Industry Trend/Market Outlook/Best Practices] that I believe will be helpful to you. Please click the link to read: [Article Link]"

· Curated resources template:

"We have prepared some curated resources for you to help you achieve better results in the field of marketing. Please click the link to download: [Resource Link]"

· Consulting services template:

"Our team has extensive marketing experience and offers customized consulting services. If you have any questions or needs regarding how to enhance your marketing strategy, please feel free to contact us."

· Success case template:

"We recently collaborated with a company and successfully helped them achieve [Specific Results/Goals]. I would like to share this success case and discuss how we accomplished it. Please click the link to learn more: [Success Case Link]"

· Free trial template:

"We are confident in our product and are willing to provide you with a free trial opportunity. Please click the link to register and experience our product to see how it can bring value to your business: [Trial Link]"

· News coverage template:

[Media Outlet] recently featured our company. This is recognition of our team's efforts and proof of our commitment to providing excellent service to our clients. Please click the link to read the news coverage: [News Link]"

· Event invitation template:

"We are hosting a seminar/webinar/event on [Topic]. We cordially invite you to participate and exchange experiences with other industry experts. Please click the link to register: [Event Link]"


Q: Does Broadcast Message violate WhatsApp's usage policy?

A: WAPlus SCRM strictly adheres to WhatsApp's usage policy and ensures that all message sending is compliant. We recommend users to read and comply with WhatsApp's usage policy in detail before sending messages.

Q: Will Blast Messages/Broadcast Messages result in user complaints or unsubscribes?

A:When using Blast Message, ensure messages match users' interests and needs, and avoid excessive messaging. Providing valuable and personalized content can reduce the risk of user complaints and unsubscribes.

Q: Does Blast Messages/Broadcast Messages support sending messages to groups?

A: Yes, WAPlus SCRM supports sending messages to groups. You can select specific groups or create new groups and send the same message to them.

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